Video Archive 2012

Video 13 – November 2012: Charlie Epps and Bill Pelham, former golf pro, discuss tips on partnership golf and the importance of not putting too much pressure on yourself. Don't play afraid, but play aggressive.


Video 12 – October 2012: Charlie Epps and Dick Forester discuss having good balance, focusing on the width of your stance and the speed of your swing for better ball control.


Video 11 – August 2012: Charlie Epps and Dave Marr discuss lag putting and getting a feel for the speed of the green through practice putting.


Video 10 – July 2012: Charlie Epps and Terry Ruskowski talk about being conservative with your recovery strategy.


Video 9 – June 2012: Charlie Epps & Mark Collie take a look at the key putting elements of distance and direction.


Video 8 – May 2012: Charlie Epps & Blaine McCallister discuss reading the green.


Video 7 – April 2012: Charlie Epps & Marty Fleckman work on preshot routines.


Video 6 - March 2012: Charlie and Darrell Royal on staying calm


Video 5 - February 2012: Charlie and Billy Ray Brown on playing aggressively


Video 4 - January 2012: Charlie and Dave Marr on practicing the up and down

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