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Just as our firm has dedicated time to perfecting our approach to closing commercial real estate transactions, we also enjoy perfecting our swing. Since we know many of our clients enjoy golf as well, we want to share inside tips to play your best game.

May 2018

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Finding time to warm-up before your tee time isn’t always easy, but according to experts, not only is it important in preventing injury, but it can also drastically improve your chances of playing well. In fact, during his 2016 address to the World Golf Fitness Summit, Dr. Ben Langdown said a proper warm-up can add as much as 45 yards on carry distance of a driver. And who doesn’t want that?

Here are three easy ways to make your next round of golf safer and more enjoyable.

1. Get to the golf course early. This ensures you have plenty of time to stretch and work through a warm-up routine. It also helps center you and keeps you from feeling rushed. When your heart rate is lower and you are in a calmer frame of mind, you will play a better round of golf.

2. Develop a stretching routine. The Academy of Golf Dynamics states that if you only have time for stretching or warming up before a round, you should always choose stretching. Stretching helps loosen your muscles and avoid injury. Concentrate on stretching hamstrings, shoulders, core, arms, and wrists.

3. Have a warm up routine. Ideally, you’ll have time to hit the range after you stretch. Making time for the range is important because it will further loosen your muscles and set the tone for how you will swing on the course. Start off by hitting a few short iron shots with your feet together, making shorter and slower swings. This drill will produce good timing, tempo, and balance. Find your optimal tempo. Then, progress to longer clubs.

So, the next time you decide to hit the snooze button before your golf game, remember the importance of adequately warming up before you hit the green.

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