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Just as our firm has dedicated time to perfecting our approach to closing commercial real estate transactions, we also enjoy perfecting our swing. Since we know many of our clients enjoy golf as well, we want to share inside tips to play your best game.

March 2018

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Any golfer knows that a shot can be impacted by a multitude of factors — the lie, wind, distance to the pin, club head speed, ball position, and stance, to name a few. One element often overlooked is getting the proper distance from the ball. Standing too far away finds you reaching for the ball, often resulting in hooks and pushes when over-compensating. Too close, and the ball is most likely to slice. Here is a drill to help you find the proper distance.

1. Take your stance and shift your weight toward your heels.

2. Balance your stance by flexing your knees, shifting your weight toward the balls of your feet, and then shifting back to the center of your feet.

3. Position the club behind the ball and lower the grip toward your left knee. For left-handed golfers, lower the grip toward your right knee. The club should come to rest approximately one inch above your knee. Be careful not to flex or straighten. 

4. Then, adjust the distance based on whether you are too close or too far.

The result? You should find your arms hanging freely from your shoulders. Distance, like other elements of golf, becomes intuitive with experience. Until it becomes second nature, the next time you find yourself having an off day, check your distance.

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