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Just as our firm has dedicated time to perfecting our approach to closing commercial real estate transactions, we also enjoy perfecting our swing. Since we know many of our clients enjoy golf as well, we want to share inside tips to play your best game.

July 2018

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Maintaining Consistent Grip Pressure

Right-handed players are taught to strengthen the pressure in their left hand to maintain a consistent golf grip. However, one’s nondominant hand typically has far less strength than their dominant hand. This strength difference can have dramatic impact on one’s ability to make a solid shot. Try these three simple drills to find the optimal grip pressure and create a more dependable swing.

1. One Arm Swings.  Hold the club with one arm and swing the club back and forth. Tighten and loosen your grip to get a feel for the amount of pressure needed to hold the without it falling out of your hand. Switch to the opposite arm and repeat the drill.

2. Above the Ground.  Take your normal grip and hold the club off the ground as you address the ball. Players often loosen their grip as they address the ball since the ground is supporting the club. As they begin their backswing, they tighten their grip. Doing so creates an inconsistent grip. Holding the club slightly off the ground and starting with a consistent grip.

3. Horizontal Hold.  Take your normal grip and raise the club out in front of you horizontally. Lighten your grip until the club slowly begins to fall. Increase pressure in increments until the club barely remains horizontal.

Remember, when out on the course, pressure situations tend to show in the grip. The next time you find yourself white-knuckling the club, take a breath, relax your arms and hands, and loosen your grip. Your game will thank you for it!

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