Just as our firm has dedicated time to perfecting our approach to closing commercial real estate transactions, we also enjoy perfecting our swing. Since we know many of our clients enjoy golf as well, we want to share inside tips to play your best game.

April 2018

Golf Tips April1

We all want to hit the ball a long way, but for those of us still trying to perfect our game, this desire sometimes leads to an over-the-top swing which generally results in either a slice or a pull. According to Lee Trevino, the “hardest thing in the world to teach amateurs is for them not to swing from the top.”

If this is a common issue for you, don’t fret. You aren’t alone! Try these two drills to correct an over-the-top swing.

1.    Keep your lead arm close to your body. A commonality among golfers with a tendency to top the ball is their lead arm (the one closest to the hole) stretches away from the body on the downswing. To correct this, keep your lead arm tight to your body throughout the backswing and the downswing.

2.    Stay inside the swing plane. An over-the-top swing means the club is traveling outside the optimal swing plane. To practice, take a club head cover or tee and place it an inch outside of your ball. Practice swinging so you don’t hit the head cover or tee on the down swing through impact. As you practice, move the marker closer to the ball. This drill helps you maintain an optimal path while squaring the club head at impact.

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